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Hitachi Construction Machinery: fleet management and administration made easy

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Hitachi Construction Machinery: fleet management and administration made easy

Telenor Connexion today releases a customer case about how it is bringing new efficiencies by connecting the global remote fleet management and administration service of Hitachi Construction Machinery.

Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM), Japan’s second largest and the world’s third-largest manufacturer in the market, creates remarkably high-value, heavy machinery for the construction, mining, and forestry industries.

HCM’s Global e-Service ConSite monitors performance and minimizes administrative downtime time for 300,000 of its heavy machines across 140 countries. The innovative web-based system, connected by Telenor Connexion, enables dealers and construction teams to keep close track on their fleets.

HCM was looking at ways to help their customers to gain the maximum value from their machines throughout their lifetime. They also were exploring ways to ensure that the machinery could be operated at peak efficiency. This inevitably led to a meeting and later a long-term partnership with Telenor Connexion. 

With Telenor Connexion HCM created a global network of its equipment, all linked by 2G/3G (GSM) SIMs embedded in M2M modules within the machines and linked to sensors. Data from HCMs machinery is collected and transmitted for analysis and action when needed. Telenor Connexion is the sole communications provider for HCM and is able to make use of its extensive roaming partnerships to provide a single source of connectivity for the manufacturer. Telenor Connexion’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in turn allow HCM to offer its customers a higher, more secure level of service that ensures higher security and operational support for their equipment.

The solution developed had to address the unique operations and services related to heavy machinery as well as reducing complexity while providing connectivity for the entire supply chain through the machine-mounted SIM and M2M modules.

Today HCM’s Global e-Service, ConSite enables information from machinery to be accumulated and used as big data. This can be data about location, movement, hours, fuel consumption, power and more, helping to reassure clients, identify problems, and highlight operating efficiencies.

The information can very quickly be communicated to the local operator as well as the local HCM distributor, so service crews can be alerted as quickly as possible with the appropriate measures taken and more serious damage avoided.

ConSite and the continuous flow of information from the network of equipment thus greatly assists customers in more effectively using and servicing their machines, and ultimately in reducing time and costs. This can be vital in remote areas of operation, where it can be very costly to send out parts and service teams.

By better understanding ongoing operations, and by having the data needed to better predict everything service needs, the customer can better plan for and optimize their operations in any location.

Access the Hitachi Construction Machinery customer case at




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Maria Willander

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