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Anticimex are game changers in the pest control industry, even more so in Covid-19 times

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Anticimex are game changers in the pest control industry, even more so in Covid-19 times

Today Telenor Connexion releases a customer case about how Anticimex, a global leader in pest control, connects its’ business components. During these times when a lot of people are staying at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak, IoT plays an important role.

The Swedish pest control company Anticimex was founded in 1934 with the vision to be the global leader in preventive pest control. The company has since been at the forefront in its field and continuously looks at how it can improve its offering to give customers a better product.

Anticimex work with prevention, using connectivity and real time data, in-depth knowledge and experience to minimize the risk of occurring pest control problems.By providing connected trap they monitor and detect pest infestations before they become a real problem and act instantly on real time data from an intelligent system. Apart from increased customer experience and better results, the connected traps work without pesticides which is much more environmentally-friendly.

Telenor Connexionis providing Anticimex with a globally managed connectivity solution and a team of dedicated IoT specialists to ensure the company’s connected solutions work around the clock, even more important today with the global lock downs.

Ulf Eripe, CTO, Anticimex says “Especially during these hard times with the COVID-19 outbreak, the service we sell is peace of mind. Anticimex can, with IoT, maintain around the clock surveillance and an environmentally friendly non-biocide service.”

Mats Lundquist, CEO at Telenor Connexion says “The Anticimex case is a successful example of how IoT significantly increases efficiency and customer experience in an established industry with a long history. It is particularly interesting as it shows how fast a shift from traditional biocide traps to connected traps can go, when the company has identified a real customer benefit.”

Further Lundquist says “In this case it also shows how IoT can reduce the dependency of operative staff on site but still manage its usual business, very important in these times of social distancing and risk of staff being exposed to infections.”

Read more and see how Anticimex and Telenor Connexion have partnered to ensure a service such as pest control does not become a pest during a pandemic time as we are experiencing today.

Access the Anticimex customer case as .pdf and film in the resource links below.

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