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Telenor Connexion releases report: ”IoT Predictions Report 2020 and beyond” which looks at how IoT contributes to a sustainable and responsible connected economy.
Telenor Connexion releases report: ”IoT Predictions Report 2020 and beyond” which looks at how IoT contributes to a sustainable and responsible connected economy.

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Telenor Connexion releases: IoT Predictions Report 2020 - IoT will play a key role in fighting climate change

The IoT Predictions 2020 and beyond report analyses the trend of how IoT will play a positive role in combatting climate change. This is a follow up of the publication published in 2019, where five major trends related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation were identified.

Based on analysis from Northstream (part of Accenture), this report discusses how we foresee that IoT will play a positive enablement role in fighting climate change.

Mats Lundquist, CEO at Telenor Connexion says “In the 2020 report sustainability it is highlighted how IoT can help reducing environmental impact and help in the fight against climate change. IoT has the potential to play an important role and in the coming years we expect that sustainability goals will become an integral part in many commercial IoT deployments.”

IoT Predictions 2020 gives an overview of how IoT will not only drive the connected economy but will be an important enabler for a more sustainable and responsible connected economy. Some highlights in the report centers on the role IoT can play for the long term:

  • How sustainability plays a central role in business models.
  • The drivers accelerating the IoT trends and their related impacts – from consumer, societal and corporate value shifts in behavior, policy as well as within the regulatory environment.
  • Examples where IoT is contributing to a more sustainable product life cycle, such as Grundfos, Husqvarna to Swegon.
  • How IoT works in the life cycle process of the 3Rs - to reduce the use of resources, reuse products and recycle.

In addition to this latest report, Telenor Connexion has published several guides and papers covering topics related to IoT and connected devices. Those include Connectivity Technologies for IoT, a guide which was first created in collaboration with Northstream in 2016 and updated at the end of 2018.

That paper, and a number of others, can be found on the Telenor Connexion Knowledge Hub.

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